Sunday, 30 December 2012

Split tapes

Reblog from the castigated records blog:

Half the split tapes (100 units) are ready and on their way to aus as I type this and will be available very soon.
In the mean time you can hear one of the SHACKLƩS songs on their band page on  (fucking) Facebook and you can listen to WORNXOUT'S tracks here 
If you don't like tapes don't fear because there is 400 7"s on the way
 (250 of which will be coming to aus)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New shit/update

We have 2 new eps coming out in the next few months. The songs we recorded in September have been sent to will killingsworth at dead air studios for mixing, they're going to be released on a one sided S/T lp on Arrest Records. The songs recorded in October are now being mastered and will be coming out on a 7" entitled 'Disposed Of' via Adam Coyill 's  Urban Rage records. As far as shows go we only have a few booked but plan to be going Melbourne again in late feb.. More on that soon

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Update (castigated records /split with wornxout)

This is a repos from the castigated records blog:

Castigated 01( Shackxs/wornxout split ) was meant to be out by now but a few set backs took place that has held stuff up (the tapes came with the stickers on the wrong sides and the wornxout guys have had to re do them).
Previously I stated there would only be 100 tapes but as it turns out there is actually gonna be 200 (100 coming to aus) so they won't be too scarce. The records have been ordered also and will be hopefully arriving not long after the tapes..
Shacklxs will hopefully have the tapes at their next show on the 8th of January with needles (us), 
Black deity and the fevered
More info soon..

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Upcoming Shows

Next few shows are as follows:

Friday 14th December- under th bwilliam jolley bridge south Brisbane w/
Doors-7:30 pm-
Playing the Saturday now!!

Thursday 20th December-OXFORD ARTS FACTORY.basement 38-46 Oxford st.  Sydney w/
Doors-8:00 pm

Friday 21st December-The Cambridge Hotel Backpackers, 789 Hunter Street, Newcastle.w/
Ghost Town, Postal and more.

Brisbane 8th January-Crowbar Brisbane w/
NEEDLES (USA- members of limp wrist), THE FEVERED,BLACK DEITY

Monday, 19 November 2012

Eyehategod show on Wednesday

Thanks to the legend that is Rob from heathen skulls we get to play with EYEHATEGOD this coming Wednesday the 21st, doors are at 7:30 at the zoo brisbane. Don't miss this show

Saturday, 3 November 2012

October wrap up

On Thursday Stookes-who's been drumming for  us the last month -went back home to Perth after a month of jamming and playing shows with us. In the time he was here we wrote and recorded 5 songs with chris brownbill at sun distortion in Brisbane. Even though we recorded only last month these new songs have a way different flavour to the stuff we did with Ben afew weeks back, same band of coarse just an altered approach . The new songs have similarities to the last songs we recorded with Stookes which were waiting on to arrive in tactile form (the split tape and record will hopefully be available by the time the year is out). As already stated below we have 2 newish releases out-the drawn and quartered 4x split 7 which is still available but in dwindling numbers and the ' dissolve to nothing' 7 which is also still available, if you've already got a copy of it in grey you will have noticed it comes with a red alternate cover-these are limited to 100 and are exclusive to the grey limited pressing. out of laziness I Havnt been able to properly update the discography section of this blog but ill have it all up to date soon. 
As I touched on above the worn out split is almost ready. Test tape just needs to be approved and the tapes will be a ready to go. The 7 artwork is just getting the final thumbs up and it will also be available soon.
As far as the new recordings we're still second on formats and who'll put em out. The stuff recorded in August may benefit from release on an lp but that is only a possibility at this point( both recordings still need to be mixed and mastered). In the mean time here's the shows we have lined up for the next month with Ben behind the drums again.


9th NOVEMBER- @crowbar brisbane (in the valley) W/ LAST CHAOS,WAR TRAUMA, IDYLLS,HEROIN SS. Doors around 8

15th NOVEMBER- @bendigo hotel Melbourne-hardcore victims fest W/ isterismo, kromosom, extortion, Rort, gutter gods, leprosy, last chaos, sick people and many more

28th NOVEMBER-@ Povo warehouse Byron (Our pad) W/ PUNCH (USA) and BONESTORM (new Byron band) doors around 5:30 more band tba

30th NOVEMBER-@ expressive grounds Gold Coast W/ PUNCH and GHOST TOWN, SHIELDS,MARATHON doors around 7pm qld time

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Records etc

The new records are now available (the 4x split drawn and quartered was released and started shipping 28th September and dissolve to nothing 7 release was released yesterday (12 or October)  at our Brisbane show with black coffee, survival and outright.) and will be available at all upcoming shows.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

sizeable update.

Lots of happenings of late- last night (24th sept) we finished recording another batch of songs (6 to be exact), it will be a while until they surface and the format they're to be released as is still up in the air buts bets are it will probably be as a 7, this was the first time recording with Ben and probably the most happy we have been with what weve done. The next release in the canon is a compilation entitled 'drawn and quartered' which Arrest Records is putting out, it features 6 tracks from our mates in downpour alongside 2 bands from the states and yours truely, it should be available by mid september in a pressing of 300 (100 orange 200 black). Arrest is also putting out our last ep 'Dissolve to Nothing' as a 7 inch which should be available come november (the tape is sold out), it will also be limited to 300. Also available in the next month is our split with Chicago's Worn Out, a home dubb of 40 units(dubbed and released for their september tour 12th-18th) is already available from the worn out guys. A wider press of 100 pro dubbed tapes (50 will be made available in oz) is on its way which will be released on our own label Castigated (blog up soon) which should be available in the next few weeks and soon after be followed by the 7 inch release of the split of 400 also on Castigated (250 units will be coming to oz)..
also at the shows coming up in the next month we'll have stookes drumming like we did for the west aus shows so we will be mixing up the set list a bit. We also plan to hopefully record more songs with him if the opportunity presents itself.
here's the next fews shows we have coming and the art work for the upcomings releases. The next show after the 2 on the below flier is Edge Day which is happening on the 19th Oct at the waiting room in Brisbane. I think Allan is doing tickets for it.

Arrest compilation: 'drawn and quartered' 4X split.


Friday, 13 July 2012

west oz/ new songs

Just a belated re-cap, the west aus trip was beyond great. We were lucky enough to have the honor of playing with suffer one last time before their break-up (one of our favourite bands and influences) and make new friends as well as spend time with old ones, a gigantic thankyou to NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT for being th greatest.. Additionally we recorded 4 new songs at al smiths bergerk studio with stookes on drums. It looks like the tracks will be going on a split 7" we're be doing with our friends in WORN OUT from chicago (hear them here Heaps of shows coming up and were writting more stuff with ben for a new 7 due out whenever its ready. In the meantime the arrest four way split comp is being prepared and should be ready in the next month. We will keep you posted.

upcoming shows

heres stuff that coming up in august!

Monday, 4 June 2012

also the west aus all ages is confirmed and will be At Dream studios, 369 Oxford Street Mt Hawthorn. Ben is busy with uni so our buddy and new auxillary drummer stookes will be playing,we  may record some new songs over there with him also.

new ep and upcoming shows

here's the tape we put out the other week, we'll be selling it at all upcoming shows.
Next show is this saturday (the 9th) with frenzal rhomb on the gold coast then the west aus shows with our pals in NEGATIVE REINFORCENT and the SUFFER the 22nd and 22rd and next month we'll be playing with ceremony on the 5th and 6th and the gold coast and brisbane respectively.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

upcoming shows! new ep!

The new ep will be available at the upcoming show at our pad in Byron's industrial estate, above is the standard cover which is only a touch on the layout the tape will have, there will be 100 cassettes in the first(and possibly only) dubb..heres there flier -25th may- be there

Saturday, 21 April 2012

up coming shit

heres fliers upcoming shows for the next two weeks, do not miss total attack.
as far as other up dates go we will be heading over to west oz in june! we will also have a new ep available by then aswell(just got mastered my al smith over the 14/15 april -last weekend) and is to be titled "dissolve to nothing". there is also a 4xsplit in the works involving our friends in downpour.

Friday, 16 March 2012


negative reinforcement!

more top notch australian output... free download available now and a single sided lp in the works.. this shit in intense:


Here's some stuff to hear asap!

nazi dentist 6 track demo! tape coming soon on delayed response!

WARTHREAT 7" available at free postage!!

HEADLESS DEATH DEMO TAPE. slim in quantity may still be available at ritual records melbourne!/richyoual


were gonna be covering easy answers by think i care at upcoming shows.

update and shit.

so it looks like the new songs are getting dived into a new ep entitled "dissolve to nothing" (coming out on delayed response tapes) and a possible 4 way split 7 with some friends on arrest records, more announced soon. As far as show weve played 2 since eddies departure and ben our newest member has been the sole reason weve been able to find our feet again. weve begun writing new material with him also which were very excited about.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Recordings finally finished.

After getting the bulk of the the stuff finished last month, I finally re-did my vocal tracks for our 8 new songs yesterday (18th/feb)after being too sick last time. If all is to go to plan it should be mixed by the end of next week when I should have a better idea of our plans for the songs release.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Status update/drummer situation

It's been a while since the last up date on here due to laziness and not having enough stuff set in stone to report. To give a brief run down of the last few weeks I'll start with the news our drummer Eddie has moved and won't be an active member of shackles which is a shame as he has been a major driving force and just a great human to be around aswell as a long time friend who were gonna miss, fortunately his last show was a cracker and it exceeded our expectations especially considering the circumstances(thanks to I exist, civil war and acid snake for playing with us as well as nick Lucas for putting on solid shows). As far as the new tracks we recorded before eddies departure they just need vocal tracks to be done and then will hopefully be taking tangible form very soon. Expect a rawer onslaught than that on 'maunder'. As far as drummers go we have been very lucky an had some friends put up their hands to be a part of the band on the live front and the writing front so we don't plan to slow down to much at all and will keep refining what we do and spewing more Songs out. Stay tuned

Sunday, 15 January 2012


heres some some phots from the show on the 12th


Over wednesday, thursday and friday this week (11th-12th-14th) we got 8 new tracks recorded for a future release planned to be out in the next two months or so... Aswell as recording thursday we played a real fun show at the byron yac and released the 'maunder' 7 which is very much available as of last week from us and arrest records-greens are selling fast so get in while you can at the arrest store as we only have black available at shows.
our next show is in canberra next wednesday with sick people, downpour, eye gouge and vile mess, we then will be playing two shows in Melbourne. In the mean time if you ahvnt already check out the new 7 and give negative reinforcement a listen as their new 7 drops next month on viper death lock records

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

recording more songs..

today (11/01/12) we're gonna start recording some new songs.. we've got 7 and they are planned to maybe be released on a split 7 and tape.. we'll keep you posted

Friday, 6 January 2012

preliminary harm tape 2nd dub

Sadly the 2nd dubb of the preliminary harm tapes will not be happening due to the 7" being available earlier than we expected. the link for the tape tracks is below if you dont have them

new material, current status, new recordings, tour/shows

Next week we play our first show in a run of dates with our friends in sick people and downpour. We will have our new 7" and a ton of other junk to sell so come prepared. The same week we plan to record/begin recording a number of new tracks which may or may not end up on a split 7" out on arrest records or just be released in an-as-yet-to-be-decided-format as a stand alone release..time will tell, we will be playing some of the new-to-be recorded songs at the upcoming shows and are pretty excited about them. Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane we are coming for you... Sydney and Newcastle we wish we were revisiting/having-our-virgin-voyage-too but we couldn't leave the ol shire before the 17th due to work and its shit nature. sick people and downpour will have some of our junk for sale if your still interested cause we will hopefully be visiting soon on another run of dates i hope.

new 7 available

photographic evidence the new 7 is pressed and will be in your hands soon!
count is as follows:
6 test press-black with plain plates
96-kelly green