Saturday, 3 November 2012

October wrap up

On Thursday Stookes-who's been drumming for  us the last month -went back home to Perth after a month of jamming and playing shows with us. In the time he was here we wrote and recorded 5 songs with chris brownbill at sun distortion in Brisbane. Even though we recorded only last month these new songs have a way different flavour to the stuff we did with Ben afew weeks back, same band of coarse just an altered approach . The new songs have similarities to the last songs we recorded with Stookes which were waiting on to arrive in tactile form (the split tape and record will hopefully be available by the time the year is out). As already stated below we have 2 newish releases out-the drawn and quartered 4x split 7 which is still available but in dwindling numbers and the ' dissolve to nothing' 7 which is also still available, if you've already got a copy of it in grey you will have noticed it comes with a red alternate cover-these are limited to 100 and are exclusive to the grey limited pressing. out of laziness I Havnt been able to properly update the discography section of this blog but ill have it all up to date soon. 
As I touched on above the worn out split is almost ready. Test tape just needs to be approved and the tapes will be a ready to go. The 7 artwork is just getting the final thumbs up and it will also be available soon.
As far as the new recordings we're still second on formats and who'll put em out. The stuff recorded in August may benefit from release on an lp but that is only a possibility at this point( both recordings still need to be mixed and mastered). In the mean time here's the shows we have lined up for the next month with Ben behind the drums again.


9th NOVEMBER- @crowbar brisbane (in the valley) W/ LAST CHAOS,WAR TRAUMA, IDYLLS,HEROIN SS. Doors around 8

15th NOVEMBER- @bendigo hotel Melbourne-hardcore victims fest W/ isterismo, kromosom, extortion, Rort, gutter gods, leprosy, last chaos, sick people and many more

28th NOVEMBER-@ Povo warehouse Byron (Our pad) W/ PUNCH (USA) and BONESTORM (new Byron band) doors around 5:30 more band tba

30th NOVEMBER-@ expressive grounds Gold Coast W/ PUNCH and GHOST TOWN, SHIELDS,MARATHON doors around 7pm qld time

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