Friday, 14 June 2013


As you may of guessed the release of the 7" on Urbn Rage records has been delayed, however things have finally been kicked into gear and as a result it will hopefully will be available within the next 2-3 months. Here is what it'll look like:

As you may or may not of noticed, we have been pretty quiet for the last 2 or so months. The reason being we have been in the process of writing an LP which tomorrow we begin recording, it's planned for release before the end of year. More info soon.

split 7" finally ready

Now also available is the SHACKLΣS / WORN OUT split on Vinyl, it
was released in the states on the 5th of june (pre orders went out etc).
It's currently available from Diseased Audio and the Worn Out bandcamp
in the U.S and will be released in Aus very shortly. We are out of the
cassette tape version of the split but Disinfect still have a few in stock in
their store
 (it says sold out but if you email they'll sort you out)

Our first E.P has been re-pressed

"Maunder" our first 7 inch is back again in a run of 300 with an altered layout. It's available from Arrest Records now