Wednesday, 30 November 2011

current status.

next show we play is with none other than OFF!,next tuesday in Brisbane, If you can attend we would be most gracious, itll be one of the last shows at sun distortion,which will be missed by many.In other doings the preliminary harm tapes will be available in a  second dub of 50 soon, i did a run of 30 CDRs for non tape deck owners. as far as news on the "maunder" 7 gos, the artwork is finalized and its all sent off to pirates press. we will keep you posted on the release date. 7 will have 11 songs, a cd version is in the works too but will be limited and will have 3 bonus tracks.

Friday, 11 November 2011

preliminary harm download

above is the link to download the "PRELIMINARY HARM" tape (pre release to the upcoming 7" 'Maunder' out on arrest records -which was mastered as of the 5th of nov).If you dont already have it download it now!

Monday, 7 November 2011


Last weekend we played 2 of the best shows of the bands existence with some of our favourite bands in this country- plus broke shackles' 'Sydney' cherry.
as far as news on the new stuff go's,the final master for "Maunder" 7' is nearly complete so the finished product is on its way. The "preliminary harm" pre release tape first dub is sold out but is still available from here: .
a second run is coming soon if you missed out.