Monday, 22 August 2011


We will be contributing a track for an australian hardcore comp coming outta Sydney in the next few months.Our friends Sick People and Ill Vision will also be laying down tunes along with a list of bands that will blow your mind. For more info on the compilation ILL BRIGAGE and VIGILANTE are the legend behind the release.. check both those bands out

Sunday, 21 August 2011


-Demo Ov 2010 (cdr):
limited to 100 copies.
Made available 1st April 2010

-BBHC compilation 2010 (digital):
Track 6. Sche(n)dual.
Made available July 2010

Shackles S/T Demo-Euro version (cdr):
Demo of 2010 with altered track list and different artwork on the jacket.
2.Explosive Aggressive
4.Temple or Whorehouse
5.Your Skin,My Graft
Made available through "Örange Moustache Records" Europe 23rd January 2011

-Shackles/Think Twice split (cdr):
limited to 50 copies.
Made available from 26th January 2011

-Demo MMX(cassette):
original Demo ov 2010 cdr dubbed onto tape
5 red.
5 black.
5 black with purple and yellow splatter.
12 chrome silver.


This blog is gonna be used for updates and info on shows and upcoming happenings with band,
first update i have is the news that next weekend ( 28-29)we're gonna be  recording 10 to 14 tracks with our friend Sam Sal at his Gold coast residence, title and track names are already mostly sorted and you will be hearing more soon along with updates on upcoming shows etc.