Sunday, 15 January 2012


heres some some phots from the show on the 12th


Over wednesday, thursday and friday this week (11th-12th-14th) we got 8 new tracks recorded for a future release planned to be out in the next two months or so... Aswell as recording thursday we played a real fun show at the byron yac and released the 'maunder' 7 which is very much available as of last week from us and arrest records-greens are selling fast so get in while you can at the arrest store as we only have black available at shows.
our next show is in canberra next wednesday with sick people, downpour, eye gouge and vile mess, we then will be playing two shows in Melbourne. In the mean time if you ahvnt already check out the new 7 and give negative reinforcement a listen as their new 7 drops next month on viper death lock records

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

recording more songs..

today (11/01/12) we're gonna start recording some new songs.. we've got 7 and they are planned to maybe be released on a split 7 and tape.. we'll keep you posted

Friday, 6 January 2012

preliminary harm tape 2nd dub

Sadly the 2nd dubb of the preliminary harm tapes will not be happening due to the 7" being available earlier than we expected. the link for the tape tracks is below if you dont have them

new material, current status, new recordings, tour/shows

Next week we play our first show in a run of dates with our friends in sick people and downpour. We will have our new 7" and a ton of other junk to sell so come prepared. The same week we plan to record/begin recording a number of new tracks which may or may not end up on a split 7" out on arrest records or just be released in an-as-yet-to-be-decided-format as a stand alone release..time will tell, we will be playing some of the new-to-be recorded songs at the upcoming shows and are pretty excited about them. Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane we are coming for you... Sydney and Newcastle we wish we were revisiting/having-our-virgin-voyage-too but we couldn't leave the ol shire before the 17th due to work and its shit nature. sick people and downpour will have some of our junk for sale if your still interested cause we will hopefully be visiting soon on another run of dates i hope.

new 7 available

photographic evidence the new 7 is pressed and will be in your hands soon!
count is as follows:
6 test press-black with plain plates
96-kelly green