Sunday, 25 September 2011

SHACKLΣS (the new name), other shit.

As you may know we hit some trouble with the name 'shackles' as the Australian death metal band also named shackles already legally owned it. The band was real cool about it so we decided to oblige. Anyway to sort the problem, instead of an "E"  in our name we now have a greek summation symbol- (sigma)"Σ" which is technically not an E, but you cna read it as you like.
Also check out all the blog on the right hand of this page, tons of great stuff. Also if your in sydney next month on the 27th and 28th we will be playing with taipan and suffer. two of australias best bands.. more details announced soon..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Recording is done!

Last Tuesday (the 20th) all the vocal tracks were finally laid down and finished... now the mixing starts which shouldnt take too long..Also a slight name change is in store due to Sydney death metal band Shackles owning the name... we will keep you posted though

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

recording, tape, upcoming shows etc

After finally finishing guitars last thurday,today we finished bass tracks and started vocal tracks.. things are looking to be finished next week, the promo tape through delayed response titled "preliminary harm" will be the first thing released (obviously) while the rest of the tracks are gonna head over to al smith in west aus for mastering for the 7" and cd (cd will have the tape tracks as a bonus and be out on Arrest records). heres a sneak peak at the tape...

Sunday, 11 September 2011


played awith sydneys most infamous purveyors of ear corrosion TAIPAN... tight dudes and one fucking awesome band.. get their new 7"ten day dawn from here the bass player and guitarist run the label and distro shit thatll blow your mind. SICK PEOPLE ruled as per usual, rick in chains and spewing pure rage.check out HEATHEN CHILD and KNIFE WOUNDS asap the latter have a demo tape available right now...
As far as recording go guitars are done.. finished on thursday so shits gonna be soonnn

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Today we got through the first part of guitar tracks... hopefully things will be pretty straight forward and fast moving from now on..anyway..
As I think (?) I stated below the tracks are to be released as a 7" which is to be entitled 'MAUNDER'(not an LP-I thought the material would need a 10" or 12" but it turns out it will fit a 7" which was the original intention anyway). The tape which is coming out on delayed response as a preliminary accompany release to 'Maunder' is to be titled 'Preliminary Hurt' and will have a mixture of old and new songs (4-6 songs).

Friday, 2 September 2011


Last Sunday the (28th of August) we started recording drums for 15 tracks(they were not finished till 4am on 30th), at this point we wont be heading back in to continure recording til next week.Of the 15 tracks recorded  (6 are old songs re-recorded)11 will be on out new 7" ep (cds will be available also) .The remaining 4 tracks along with a new track that'll also appear on the 7" are going to go on a pre-release tape that delayed response will be putting out in the coming month or so if we kepp our acts together-check here too see the fine work sean has already done in the past-