Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Status update/drummer situation

It's been a while since the last up date on here due to laziness and not having enough stuff set in stone to report. To give a brief run down of the last few weeks I'll start with the news our drummer Eddie has moved and won't be an active member of shackles which is a shame as he has been a major driving force and just a great human to be around aswell as a long time friend who were gonna miss, fortunately his last show was a cracker and it exceeded our expectations especially considering the circumstances(thanks to I exist, civil war and acid snake for playing with us as well as nick Lucas for putting on solid shows). As far as the new tracks we recorded before eddies departure they just need vocal tracks to be done and then will hopefully be taking tangible form very soon. Expect a rawer onslaught than that on 'maunder'. As far as drummers go we have been very lucky an had some friends put up their hands to be a part of the band on the live front and the writing front so we don't plan to slow down to much at all and will keep refining what we do and spewing more Songs out. Stay tuned

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