Tuesday, 25 September 2012

sizeable update.

Lots of happenings of late- last night (24th sept) we finished recording another batch of songs (6 to be exact), it will be a while until they surface and the format they're to be released as is still up in the air buts bets are it will probably be as a 7, this was the first time recording with Ben and probably the most happy we have been with what weve done. The next release in the canon is a compilation entitled 'drawn and quartered' which Arrest Records is putting out, it features 6 tracks from our mates in downpour alongside 2 bands from the states and yours truely, it should be available by mid september in a pressing of 300 (100 orange 200 black). Arrest is also putting out our last ep 'Dissolve to Nothing' as a 7 inch which should be available come november (the tape is sold out), it will also be limited to 300. Also available in the next month is our split with Chicago's Worn Out, a home dubb of 40 units(dubbed and released for their september tour 12th-18th) is already available from the worn out guys. A wider press of 100 pro dubbed tapes (50 will be made available in oz) is on its way which will be released on our own label Castigated (blog up soon) which should be available in the next few weeks and soon after be followed by the 7 inch release of the split of 400 also on Castigated (250 units will be coming to oz)..
also at the shows coming up in the next month we'll have stookes drumming like we did for the west aus shows so we will be mixing up the set list a bit. We also plan to hopefully record more songs with him if the opportunity presents itself.
here's the next fews shows we have coming and the art work for the upcomings releases. The next show after the 2 on the below flier is Edge Day which is happening on the 19th Oct at the waiting room in Brisbane. I think Allan is doing tickets for it.

Arrest compilation: 'drawn and quartered' 4X split.


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